The Swiss-Irish Business Association is a networking association founded by His Excellency Ambassador Charles Hummel in 1988 with support from a number of Irish and Swiss citizens interested in developing the business links between the two countries.  The Swiss Chapter of SIBA was formed in 1990 by Frank Murray and both chapters amalgamated in the 90’s.  
SIBA looks to it’s growing list of affiliates and membership to grow and promote business activities between Ireland and Switzerland through networking and a number of events annually.  SIBA  does not provide a full chamber service but can provide contacts to our affiliate groups and ecosystem.
Affiliates are the Swiss Embassy, Swiss-Hub, Irish Embassy, Enterprise-Ireland, The Irish Business Network with chapters in Geneva, Basel and Zurich, Tourism Ireland, Fáilte Ireland, Swiss and Irish Multinationals and SMES interested in business relations between the two countries.  SIBA reaches out to the European Chambers and has strong links with a number of international chambers and academic institutes interested in learning more about collaboration and coopetition opportunities.
SIBA  rely on the ongoing sponsorship of our members and the volunteerism of our committee and look forward to continuing the SIBA into it’s thirtieth year.
The Swiss Ambassador to Ireland is Honorary President of SIBA.  The newly appointed Ambassador is H.E. Benedict Gubler was appointed in March 2022. 
Frank Murray
SIBA Chairman