World class locations for a successful business


  • Social peace, political and economic stability — Switzerland’s efficient federal government structure gives the cantons a considerable degree of political freedom and administrative autonomy, thereby facilitating decisions and policy-making in all areas.
  • World-renowned universities, technical institutes and R&D institutions — The faster the pace of technological change, the greater the role research and development activities play in making a country attractive as a business location. Switzerland is a country with significant research capabilities.
  • High productivity combined with high-quality products and services — Switzerland ranks among the world’s leading national economies with respect to the overall productivity of its labour force.
  • Excellent protection of intellectual property rights — Intellectual property is protected in Switzerland through a network of international treaties. The country boasts the most scientific Nobel laureates per capita.
  • Moderate taxation — By European standards, taxes in Switzerland are moderate. In addition, there are various tax planning possibilities.
  • First-rate infrastructure — As international ratings confirm, Swiss infrastructure is among the best developed and most reliable in the world. State-of-the-art IT infrastructure and tools create optimum conditions for the development of new technologies.
  • An efficient capital market and a highly professional international banking system — Switzerland is one of the world’s largest financial centres, ahead of London, New York and Frankfurt. The banks and stock exchange of Switzerland offer excellent opportunities for entrepreneurial investment projects.
  • A strategic business and scientific location — In Switzerland, you will find a meeting point of cultures, sciences, and a liberal economic environment, all located at the crossroads of the European technology axes.
  • High Standard of living — High-quality of homes and apartments satisfy the most demanding requirements. Personal safety and privacy are assured at all times. The public health system is world-class.
  • Professional Support and Assistance Investors are offered a number of attractive financial assistance packages. The promotion of Switzerland and/or the official Swiss foreign trade development office Osec as a business location is closely coordinated with the private sector and the cantons. Switzerland offers direct access to essential points of contact and government agencies. Potentials investors will find professional assistance throughout the investment process.


  • Membership of both the EU and the Euro — As a member of the EU Ireland is part of the world’s second largest economy enjoying free movement of good, people and capital as well as using the euro as its official currency.
  • 12.5% Corporation Tax Rate — Ireland offers a corporation tax rate of 12.5% applies to trading profits in all sectors, including manufacturing and international services.
  • Pro-Business Environment — Ireland placed 11th globally out of 82 countries in the 2008-2012 Business Environment Ranking of the Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • Young, Talented Workforce — Youthful demographics and excellence in education ensure a strong supply of highly qualified, flexible and innovative workers.
  • Thriving R&D — Environment A key aspect of Government support for industry and RD&I is an attractive R&D tax credit to encourage new and indigenous companies to undertake R&D activity in Ireland.
  • Team Ireland — Ireland offers exceptional collaboration between Government agencies, industry, academia and regulatory authorities which is backed by a highly pragmatic Government policy enabling these stakeholders work together as a national team to win investment in Ireland.
  • Winning Combination — Ireland has capitalised on the opportunities arising from Foreign Direct Investment through the combined force of determination and vibrant ambition to transform Ireland into a dynamic, knowledge based economy for the 21st century.
  • An extensive network of double taxation treaties — Ireland has signed comprehensive double taxation agreements with 62 countries, of which 54 are in effect. The agreements cover direct taxes, which in the case of Ireland are income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax.
  • Patent Exemption — Corporation tax relief on royalties derived by an Irish resident company in respect of a patent when the work leading to the granting of the patent was carried out in Ireland.
  • Management Talent — Excellence in education, combined with the range of existing MNC operations, has created a deep pool of highly qualified managers to draw upon.

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